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About Us

Get to Know Our Company.

Who We Are

Victoria Water Services Limited (VWSL) is the first private water company in Nigeria. We commenced operations in 1990, by providing high-quality potable water, free of impurities.

The company has carved a niche for itself in the provision of hygienic pipe-borne water that meets International Standard (WHO).

In 2008, the current Chairman and Chief Executive, Chief Mrs. Vivian Amadife, took over the management of the company. It was during her tenure that the company underwent massive infrastructural development and upliftment. The need to uplift the company to International Standard fell on her shoulders. As such, she made it a reality and sustained enviable standards.

VWSL is managed and supported by experienced and seasoned professionals drawn from various fields to provide high quality, safe and healthy pipe-borne spring water.

We take any water from any locality, no matter the level of impurities, either lead or metal deposits, our modern treatment plant does the conversion to safe and healthy potable water.

VWSL has partners from Israel, Germany and South Africa.

Our Values


To be among the most preferred water companies in Africa. In the production and provision of services in our area of competence, by deploying modern technology, competent, qualified and well-trained staff.


To provide spring, safe and healthy water to our clients while deploring responsive and sensitive customer service in making it sustainable. The company is to provide spring water that can pass a quality control test anywhere in the world.

Our Thrust

The major thrust of the company is to provide safe and healthy spring water to consumers, following the World Health Organization Standards.

The company has such an array of quality machines, human resources and technology that it takes only THREE months to commence a contract and supply hygienic potable water to households, businesses and industries.

The Value Hasn't Changed!To always deliver clean water to your doorstep.

Benefits of Our Company in Your State/Establishment

  • Our tremendous experience, as the first Private Water Corporation for Pipe Borne Potable Water in Nigeria, is an asset to us. We are familiar with different kinds of challenges that may be insurmountable to newcomers in the water business.
  • We have highly experienced staff and consultants whom we have used for our previous and on-going projects.
  • We have the advantage of a robust and healthy financial status to finance projects from scratch to finish.
  • We have excellent Customer Service in place. Regularly in this department, we train our staff to remain at the top of service delivery.
  • As a private operator, we have a free hand to apply all modern managerial skills and technology to improve efficiency.
  • We have a Simplified Billing System using modern software.
  • We also have a system to check illegal connections and defaulters who are accustomed to tampering with metering devices or pipes.
  • We have an array of quality Equipment, Plants and Machines.

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